MD2 Seattle
MD2 Seattle

Having opened its doors in 1996, MD2 Seattle is our original concierge medical practice. The office is located in the Swedish First Hill Medical Center Tower in downtown Seattle.

The practice is run by two of the most respected physicians in the Pacific Northwest, Dr. Diana Perkinson and Dr. Derel Finch. They are recognized for their uncompromising commitment to personalized care - a standard after which all other MD2 offices are modeled. Both physicians are affiliated with Swedish Medical Center and the University of Washington Hospital and have long-standing ties with the Seattle medical community.

Professional photograph of Dr. Diana Perkinson

Dr. Diana Perkinson

Dr. Diana Perkinson is renowned for her compassionate and extraordinary personalized patient care, and for her acumen in nephrology (kidney) and organ transplant. Widely recognized by her peers as a superlative physician, Dr. Perkinson is truly the “doctor’s doctor,” having cared for many colleagues and their families.

Prior to MD2, Dr. Perkinson had a large primary care practice in Seattle. She has served as the Medical Director in Transplantation at Swedish Hospital for over a decade, and also serves on the clinical faculty at the University of Washington. Dr. Perkinson has been honored multiple times by Seattle Metropolitan Magazine and Seattle Magazine as a Top Doctor in Nephrology and Primary Care.

Dr. Perkinson is boarded in internal medicine and nephrology. She graduated medical school magna cum laude from the University of Alabama, where she was also awarded membership in the distinguished Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society. She completed both her residency and nephrology fellowship at the University of Washington. Additionally, Dr. Perkinson was a Major in the United States Air Force from 1984 - 1987, where she was Director of the Dialysis Unit at Wilford Hall Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas.

Professional photograph of Dr. Derel Finch

Dr. Derel Finch

Dr. Derel Finch is best known for his kindness, warmth, and clinical leadership. His appreciation for relationship-based care runs deep and guides his medical philosophy. It is this rare combination of heart and mind for which peers and patients have long celebrated him.

Dr. Finch received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of California at San Diego. He then earned his medical degree with Honors from the University of Washington School of Medicine, where he was elected to the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) Medical Honor Society in his junior year - a rare distinction. His residency in Internal Medicine was completed at Duke University Medical Center, after which he returned to the University of Washington for his Pulmonology and Critical Care fellowship.

For the first decade of his career, Dr. Finch was in private practice as a pulmonologist, where he routinely received awards as one of Seattle’s top doctors. For the past 15 years, he has been a practicing Intensivist covering medical, surgical, neurologic, cardiac, and tele-ICU units. A connecting thread through his career is that he has repeatedly been sought out to collaborate with peers on the most complex cases, earning him a reputation as a widely trusted and respected expert in the medical community.

In addition to his clinical experience, Dr. Finch has served in significant leadership roles. He led the Critical Care Department at Swedish as the Executive Medical Director, then assumed the role of Chief Medical Officer for the Swedish Cherry Hill Campus, where he focused on quality and patient safety.

Outside of health care, he has devoted himself to non-profit community work and currently serves as the Vice Chair on the Board of Directors for Childhaven. When not at work, Dr. Finch spends time with his wife and three children and enjoys hiking, kitesurfing, bouldering, and Kung Fu.

For Your Consideration

There is a purity to MD2 you will not find elsewhere. At the heart of it, you are 1 of just 50 families who retain the services of a personal physician who knows you as well as their own family. The annual retainer varies based on the family configuration, from individuals to couples and families with children. All fees are paid on a monthly basis, and there is no annual contract. To discuss specific pricing, please contact us. The MD2 fee ensures absolute, unlimited access to your physician, as well as their physician partner, and covers all care and services provided by the office.

Is there an annual contract for services?

We believe medical care should be based on a deeply meaningful relationship between a physician and a patient that ideally lasts a lifetime – not a contract. The only contract we use reflects our promise to you. It binds us to you, not the other way around. There is no obligation on your part. If for any reason you wish to depart MD2, you can cancel your services at any time without any financial commitment. Your doctor will graciously work with you to establish care with another physician of your choosing.

What services are included?

Simply put, every primary care service is included. There is no additional billing. To help you understand the term “primary care,” think of it as all the care and services required when you “go to your doctor.” But in this case, your doctor is a star internist who graduated at the top of their class and is regarded as the master diagnostician – an art that can be lost today, but never at MD2.

This includes such things as an extensive annual physical, unlimited visits, house and workplace calls, x-rays, routine lab tests and diagnostics indicated by your age, health, and conditioning status. These tests may include blood panels, cardiovascular screening, cancer evaluations, and whatever else your physician believes will promote your healthiest lifestyle. When you leave an MD2 office, you are never handed a bill for our services.

With unlimited time, your MD2 physician will go beyond the customary. They will guide you to appropriate consultants, specialists, and surgical services as needed and often accompany you to those appointments to ensure complete continuity of care. Your care is thorough and extensive yet always custom tailored.

Will my physician manage my care while I am traveling?

MD2 was explicitly designed to accommodate families who travel frequently and often live in a second residence for at least part of the year. Caring for highly mobile families is our specialty. Your physician will always remain your primary contact when you or your family travels; they will be your first call if you have a medical need and are prepared to care for you, regardless of your location. In addition, prepping for travel and planning your care while you are away will be a key element of your care. Should you fall ill or need medical attention while in another city with an MD2 office, your physician will coordinate care for you with their MD2 partner in that city. Lastly, as an MD2 patient, you are enrolled in a worldwide medical evacuation service, should you ever need it.

What if my physician goes on vacation?

We've set up each MD2 practice so that your physician or their partner will always be available to you. You will have direct access to both physicians’ private cell phones, which you can call anytime, day or night. If your physician is unavailable, you will have direct access to their MD2 partner physician. You will never have to go through a front desk, an obscure exchange service or even a nurse to get to your physician or their partner, even if they are on vacation.

What if I need to go to the hospital?

At MD2, you will never be left alone in your time of need. Shockingly, it has become customary today that physicians no longer follow patients during hospitalization. Instead, they leave their patients in the hands of hospitalists. At MD2 we believe this is unacceptable. MD2 physicians visit their patients while in the hospital and orchestrate care with medical specialists in any field. Should you require a hospital stay, your physician will be at your side as your advocate and quarterback.

Furthermore, if specific health services would be best provided at a medical center in another city, your MD2 physician will make all the arrangements for your stay and continue to be involved in overseeing your care.

Can my children join MD2?

As internists, we specialize in the care of adult patients, however, the age at which children transition out of pediatric care varies by individual. It’s a wonderful discussion to have with your MD2 physician. Please know that even when your child is under the care of their pediatrician, we welcome being involved and receiving questions. Multi-generational care is our specialty.

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