A Life-Changing Form of Medicine

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MD2 is the most innovative and renowned luxury concierge medicine network in the world. Yet, the MD2 experience goes far beyond concierge medicine. Your care is centered around the deeply meaningful relationship between you and your personal physician who will guide, protect, and inspire your legacy for years to come.

The Magic and Power of Familiarity

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Proactive Care is Our Specialty.

Having a brilliant physician who knows you so well they can anticipate your medical needs and proactively research solutions before complications arise is life-changing. For issues known or yet to be discovered, you will take comfort in knowing your physician is always at the helm of your care and has the connections, resources and plans mapped out for any situation that may arise. As 1 of only 50 families seen by your beloved physician, you can always rely on your doctor’s time, dedication and proactive care.

Always Available.
Anywhere You Are.

We specialize in the highly-mobile lifestyle and understand that your care cannot be confined to the walls of a medical office or hours on a clock. You can be assured that you will never be left alone in your time of need. Whether you are at your primary home, second home or traveling worldwide, when a medical need arises, you will call your MD2 physician directly, and everything will be taken care of.

Exceptional Pedigrees, Unwavering Commitment

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Physicians in a Class
of Their Own.

Every MD2 physician hails from a top medical school and has graduated with distinction. Through their distinguished careers, they have earned longstanding ties to the leading medical institutions and specialists in their medical arenas. Together they comprise the most elite group of internists in the country, forever committed to serving their patients with discretion, honesty and integrity.

Better Access Means
Better Outcomes.

MD2 physicians have built the most distinguished, farthest-reaching specialists referral network in the country. When an unimaginable medical event occurs, you need access to the best. Your MD2 physician will make that connection, coordinate your appointment and accompany you to the visit. Better access means better outcomes. It’s what sets us apart from any other medical practice in the country.

Brilliantly Designed for your Lifestyle

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This is Medicine in the Ideal — with Zero Compromises.

Every element of your care is tailored specifically to you. When you come to the office for an appointment, you will have as much time as you need with your doctor. Your schedule is our schedule and we only schedule one patient in the office at a time. Sitting side by side with your physician and delving into every aspect of your health, lifestyle, family, pets and travel is as meaningful as your extensive exam. Should you need your doctor to come to you, the house call is a time-honored tradition and a cherished element of our care. MD2 is geared to serve your needs exclusively — the only practice so designed.

A Steadfast Advocate to
Honor and Protect Your
Life and Privacy.

Your privacy is paramount to your care and we hold ourselves to the highest standards. Our practices are private and locked. When you are in the office, it is your office and no one else will be admitted during your appointment. All communications with our staff and fellow physicians are held in the strictest confidence. We do not share your medical records, even between MD2 offices and we do not grant access to large EMR systems. Every detail has been considered when it comes to your confidentiality.

A Few Details To Consider

Seeking a physician is highly personal. It is one of the most important decisions you can make for yourself and your family and we do not take that lightly. You may not know what questions to ask at this stage in your journey. That’s ok. This is beyond what you have experienced in medical care. To ensure MD2 is aligned with your lifestyle and wellness goals, allow us to present a few key questions for you to consider.

Does MD2 take insurance?

All primary care services provided by your MD2 physician are covered by a single monthly fee. Even the cherished house call is a signature element of the MD2 experience and is covered by the fee. We do not bill insurance or Medicare for our services, although you will, of course, still need insurance to cover medical care outside of our offices, such as for hospitalization or specialist visits. By removing the constraints of insurance, it becomes the purest form of medical care.

What sets MD2 apart from other concierge practices?

Frankly, there is no comparison. MD2 was the product of a vision that rocked the world when it opened in 1996. As a result, MD2 spawned an overnight proliferation of so-called “Concierge Medicine” practices throughout America. However, others consistently fell short by missing the very ideals on which MD2 is based. It starts with our curated group of physicians, all of whom have graduated at top of their classes from the most renowned medical schools. They have earned their longstanding ties to the top medical institutions and specialists in their area and their connections become your connections. Every one of these rare physicians adheres with tenacity to the founding principles of providing custom-tailored care to only a select few.

Does MD2 coordinate care with my specialists?

Your MD2 physician is the quarterback of your care in all situations. An extraordinary example is that we not only schedule and coordinate appointments with specialists, consultants, and surgical services, but your MD2 physician will often accompany you to the visits, especially if they are complicated. It ensures a complete continuity of care that is lacking in healthcare today.

Do I need this level of care?

MD2 has been meticulously designed to address the unique and inherent needs of families who travel frequently, often live in multiple places throughout the year. Our practices are ideally suited for people whose privacy and confidentiality are high priorities, whose schedules will not allow waiting for appointments, and most of all, for those who simply demand the best. Being healthy is not a reason to deny yourself this level of care. On the contrary, most of our patients are in absolutely perfect health. Having a physician dedicated to proactively focus on your health maximizes your longevity and protects your legacy.