Welcome to the most powerful medical relationship imaginable.

Discover a rare combination of brilliance and time.

Finally, a doctor who fits your lifestyle

Imagine having a distinguished physician who has the time to dedicate their full abilities to you and your family’s unique needs.
Day or night, no matter where you are, your physician will be there for you.

A relationship that will enrich your life and legacy

This deep, sustaining bond between you and your physician is a relationship that only grows stronger with time.

MD2 — Unparalleled Personalized Medical Care

Exclusive to
50 Families

Only MD2 physicians dedicate their practices to just 50 families. This enables their true potential, giving each patient their full focus and availability. It’s an unrivaled standard of care built upon a powerful relationship: the one you share with a truly exceptional physician. When you are one of just 50 families, your healthcare looks entirely different.

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Global Access to World-Class Doctors

Our physicians have earned long-standing relationships with the world’s foremost specialists, researchers, and medical institutions. Through our network, we can grant our patients unmatched access to our nation’s best medical minds anywhere, at any time. No other group of physicians can provide this level of access or synergy of care.

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Complete Privacy and Discretion

Privacy is paramount at MD2 and every detail has been meticulously thought out to honor and protect the lifestyle of our families. We maintain completely secure environments, and your personal records are kept away from the vulnerabilities of conventional public networks.

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Transform Everything You Thought was Possible

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