New Concierge Medical Practice in River Oaks Takes Personal Care to a Higher Level — What a $24,000 MD2 Membership Gets You

The Rolls-Royce of concierge medical care has finally arrived in Houston with two of the city’s leading physicians helming the practice that is not only just as luxe as the Rolls but comparatively as expensive. The cost is $24,000 annually for the first family member with an additional $12,000 for a spouse. The price tag sounds extraordinary but for those with the means, MD2 (pronounced MD squared) represents the ultimate in physician care.

If time is money, then the value of this investment is unparalleled. For it is unlimited time and uninterrupted focus on each patient that sets this concierge practice apart from others and places it in the stratosphere compared to general physician practices, which can find doctors burdened with literally several thousand patients.

“I would say that we are the most powerful internal medicine network in the country if not the world,” says MD2 CEO Peter Hoedemaker, who jetted in from the firm’s headquarters in Seattle to discuss the new River Oaks clinic.

It is “for those who are highly mobile and want precision and the best of the best of the best in their life,” Hoedemaker notes.

As is standard in MD2’s medical centers across the country, there are two doctors in the Houston clinic. Internist Dr. Karen Baerenstecher and cardiologist Dr. Harold Condara Jr. will help no more than 50 families each at the uber chic office/clinic at 2001 Kirby Drive in River Oaks (think the vibe of a St. Regis Hotel). With this limited number of patients, the doctors are able to take calls at any time, schedule appointments around patients’ schedules, conduct all manner of tests on site and spend unimagined time with each patient.

Their cellphones are available 24/7. If a MD2 patient is referred to a specialist, the doctor can accompany them to the appointment, help explain test results and provide moral support.