MD²: The New Medical Concierge Lifestyle. Is This The New Private Jet?

Over the past 25 years, MD² has built the nation’s most distinguished, farthest reaching internal medicine group. In fact, MD² founded the category of concierge medicine and remains the most exclusive group of medical practices today.

With offices in Houston, Dallas and two in Austin (and plenty others from coast to coast), they might be your next smart choice for your health needs. Think of it as private jet travel, but for healthcare.

We all know that a medical doctor concierge practice, often referred to as concierge medicine or boutique medicine, is a healthcare model that offers personalized and premium medical services to patients who are willing to pay an additional fee for enhanced access and more individualized care. This approach represents a departure from the traditional fee-for-service healthcare system, where patients typically have limited time with their doctors and may encounter long wait times.

MD² understands that there are unique demands and challenges faced by ultra-high net-worth families; those who travel extensively, own multiple homes, and require the highest degree of privacy. They recognize that multi-generational planning goes well beyond investment strategies, tax and estate planning, and philanthropic decisions. It is about the continuity of a legacy and preserving the values of a family from one generation to the next...