MD² commemorates 18 years of practicing highly personalized care

Widely credited with originating the concept of concierge medicine, MD2 celebrates 18 years of practicing highly personalized care. MD2 began in Seattle, WA, and now has a collection of eight offices affiliated with world-class medical institutions. Each MD2 physician cares for only 50 families—granting them the luxury of time to practice medicine tailored to fit the lifestyles of their highly mobile families.

"When someone is in the hospital or on a complicated visit with a specialist, treating them requires an extraordinary amount of time, as you can only imagine," said Dr. Shari Midoneck, a physician in the MD2 Park Avenue practice. "It is a tremendous gift to care for my patients as I would my own family. This can only be accomplished because I care for such a select few."

In 1996, MD2 Founder Dr. Howard Maron found it increasingly difficult to keep up with the ever more demanding pace of traditional medicine. This pace was not conducive to the extraordinary quality of care he always wanted to give. So, he asked an intriguing question: what would it mean to practice "medicine in the ideal?" The answer came in the form of the first MD² office, where he restricted his practice to a select group of patients. Unencumbered by insurance, he had the time and resources to offer the caliber of care he dreamed of in medical school.

"I never expected that by opening my one practice an entirely new category of healthcare would be created. It's amazing for me to see all the different levels of concierge medicine that are now available to people," said Dr. Maron.