Best in class.

MD² ® (MD SQUARED®), the most distinguished network of concierge medical practices across the country, is both rare and remarkable.

Every one of our esteemed physicians is a doctor's doctor - the absolute best of the best. We have long-standing ties to the most renowned specialists and medical institutions in the country, and we work as one to provide our patients with the most powerful, personal medical care imaginable. By connecting centers of medical excellence, we have cultivated an unmatched network for our families. No other concierge practice can deliver this level of care.

Houston Office

To inquire about our Houston concierge medical practice, kindly contact us.
O: (713) 347-1427

At MD2 Houston, you'll be cared for by two physicians who have earned superlative reputations in their medical community for their uncompromising commitment to delivering patient-centered care. They bring tremendous thought-leadership in the fields of internal medicine and cardiology and have long-standing ties to the top medical institutions in Houston.

MD2 is a carefully curated group of like-minded physicians, offering the same caliber of excellence in every office.


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