Md2 the Founders of Concierge Medicine in 1996


This is the power of personal medicine.

When you're one of only 50 families seen by a masterful physician, everything changes. You receive a much higher caliber of care, day or night, from someone who knows you well. And you gain a medical champion who will protect your well-being, lifestyle and privacy.

Only MD2 physicians dedicate their practices to just 50 families.
This affords them the luxury of time to give every patient the very best: their full energy and focus, their absolute availability, and their true potential. It's an unparalleled standard of care built upon a powerful relationship—the one between you and a truly exceptional physician.



We didn't take the bureaucratic oath.

Practicing medicine is a sacred calling—yet it feels less personal and more hurried every day. There was a time when medicine was about relationships. The connection between a physician and a patient... trust forged over shared challenges and victories.

That time is here again.

MD2 physicians, universally known as the finest in their field, are game-changers. Whereas most physicians struggle to manage thousands of patients, ours choose to dedicate their practices to just 50 families. These distinguished physicians want nothing but the absolute best for their patients. And with MD2, they regain the time and freedom to provide the extraordinary, truly personal care they long to give, and their patients long to receive.

Howard G. Maron, MD | Founder



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