The Haute Physician: Concierge Medicine

In this day and age, doctors see an average of 20 to 40 patients a day and have as many as 4,000 patients. The level of medical care inherently suffers in a healthcare system where quantity supersedes quality, and doctors are allocated an average of seven to fifteen minutes per exam.

In 1996 two prominent Seattle physicians left their established practices to pioneer MD², the first retainer-based medical service, a high end concierge medical practice in Chicago that limits each physician to care for just 50 families. This allows each physician the time to become intimately familiar with each patient’s history, to be proactive, to make decisions based on thoughtful analysis as well as the latest technology and to be absolutely available in times of need. The result is a long-term and trusting relationship between doctor and patient, exactly the kind of medicine that doctors of such high caliber envisioned they would someday practice.

What this means to you is 24/7 access to your doctor, whether it be a comprehensive annual physical, housecall, cell phone consultation, or coordinating your care while you are hospitalized. Your doctor will be there when you need him, for as long as you need him. The luxury of personalization and time.

MD² is located in the Omni Hotel building on Michigan Avenue. For more information, visit