Concierge medicine providers MD2 International will open a Dallas office May 1, giving round-the-clock access and more personalized care to patients willing to pay the price for those services.

Drs. Paul Neubach and Amy Anderson, both longtime physicians at Baylor University Medical Center, are setting up their practice at the Carrell Clinic Center in Dallas, and will provide care for 50 families apiece, Neubach said. He and Anderson have more than 2,500 patients apiece at the Dallas-based physicians group MedProvider, where they practice now, Neubach said.

“What I do now, it’s a volume thing,” he said. “You have to see more and more people. So you either have to spend more hours in the day or spend less time with each patient.”

MD2 has offices in Bellevue, Chicago, Portland, San Francisco and Seattle, and expects to have a total of 15 medical offices in major metropolitan areas, said Peter Hoedemaker, CEO of the Bellevue, Wash.-based firm. He said Neubach and Anderson will join a group of “doctors’ doctors” ­— top internists with at least 15 years of experience and strong ties to the hospitals in their cities.

MD² clients across the country include high-level executives and community leaders who choose convenient, highly personalized care because of their lifestyle, Hoedemaker said.

Florida, Texas, California and New York top the list in the number of patients seeking out concierge medical care across the country, said Michael Tetreault, editor-in-chief of Concierge Medicine Today, an Atlanta-based online publication.