The MD² Story

Dr. Howard Maron founded MD²® (MD SQUARED®) in 1996 based on the belief that delivering exceptional medical care must fundamentally revolve around, honor and protect the most sacred of relationships – that between a physician and a patient. This is only possible when you limit your patient threshold to so few; 50 select families, cared for by 1 exceptional physician who is committed to elevating their craft of medicine. This is a vow we are honored to uphold.

At its finest, we believe medicine has the power to transform the lives of both patients and physicians. With this in mind, every detail and decision that went into creating MD² was intentional, highly designed, and exceedingly personal.

Dr. Maron wasn’t setting out to ignite a whole cottage industry or pioneer a new category of medicine – but he did.

Many have tried to copy this style of practicing medicine and have given it many names over the years - concierge medicine, direct primary care or membership medicine. At MD2, it is about a group of world-renowned doctors committed to delivering a level of personal care known only in years long past.  It is about being cared for in a way you would care for your own family member.

So, how does MD² compare to other concierge medical practices? Frankly, it doesn't. This is healthcare the way it should be, with zero compromises.

If you would like to discuss our practices further or request a log-in, please contact us at 425.658.0950 or We are always available and in touch.

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