What is Concierge Medicine?


Today’s primary care physician sees an average of 20 to 40 patients each day, and oversees as many as 4,000 patients in all. The level of medical care inherently suffers in a healthcare system where quantity supersedes quality, and doctors are allocated an average of seven to fifteen minutes per exam.

The physician’s day is chaotic. Basically, the doctor’s care and attention is diluted by huge patient responsibility. We are seeing the thoroughness of care fall below the expectations of many patients, as volumes continue to increase. In an effort to battle rising health care costs, physicians are compelled to comply with standards set by a managed care system which may not translate into what is best for your health.

The quality of medical care suffers in a system where the definition of success is ‘being busy.’ Healthcare reform and managed care threaten to infringe even more upon your access to truly personal care.

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