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It began in 1996 when Dr. Howard Maron left his well-established practice of over 3000 patients to create an entirely new way of practicing medicine. He believed by substantially limiting his number of patients, he could truly care for and attend to each individual’s medical needs.

At the time, he didn’t realize MD2 would spawn an entire new category of healthcare, called concierge medicine. He simply felt he could honor the cherished relationship between patient and physician by focusing exclusively on personalized care. It was the way he dreamed he would practice medicine in medical school.

 MD2 is a radically simple concept in which each physician cares for approximately 50 families. With their practices limited to so few, each physician has time to become intimately familiar with each patient’s history, to be proactive, to make decisions based on thoughtful analysis, and to be absolutely available in times of need. The result is a long-term and trusting relationship between doctor and patient, exactly the kind of medicine that doctors of such high caliber envisioned they would someday practice.

A Collection of Facts about MD²
  • Dr. Howard Maron founded the category of concierge or boutique medicine in 1996.
  • MD2 offers concierge medicine in Seattle, Bellevue, Portland, San Francisco, Menlo Park, Beverly Hills, Chicago, Dallas and New York. 
  • Each office is made up of two physicians who care for 50 families.
  • MD2 is physician inspired, owned and funded.
  • MD2 is based in Seattle, WA.
The Singular Physician

Central to the MD2 model is our partnership with only the most seasoned physicians, all of whom have over 20 years of experience caring for their communities. We look for those physicians who have been distinguished by their peers as being the “star” internist. This true “doctor’s doctor” often takes care of “who’s who” but does so with the greatest of integrity and skill. MD2 physicians have worked side by side with the most renowned specialists and are each connected to the world-class medical institutions in their cities.

The Network of Medical Offices

MD2 has medical offices in Seattle, Bellevue, Portland, Beverly Hills, San Francisco, Menlo Park, Chicago, Dallas and New York; and continues to expand into other metropolitan areas known for their major medical institutions. Great value is derived by this expansion, particularly due to the highly mobile nature of the patients MD2 serves.


If in each city we have selected the top physicians, the ones who have worked side-by-side with the most renowned specialists and are connected to world-class medical institutions; then, taken together we have arguably assembled the most distinguished internal medicine group in the country—all whose sole purpose is to care for our families in any eventuality. 



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